Scripture – Confession – Church

The doctrinal document “Scripture – Confession – Church”, compiled between 2007 and 2011, tackles three questions:

  1. How do we understand Holy Scripture properly and how do we interpret it according to the Gospel?
  2. What help and binding orientation do the confessions and the doctrinal documents of our churches offer for this task and what authority do they have for interpretation and proclamation?
  3. What options can we see on this basis for the formation of a common judgment on theological and ethical questions in our churches and the CPCE as a whole?

The CPCE General Assembly in Florence 2012 adopted the document, thus giving it the highest degree of assent, and asked the churches to accept the results of the document and to take the relevant issues into consideration both internally and in discussions with other churches and traditions.

The document will be available as Leuenberg Text No. 14 in May 2013. 

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