Theology for Europe

Perspectives for Churches in Europe

Under the title of “Theology for Europe. Perspectives of Protestant Churches” (Otto Lembeck Publishing House, Frankfurt am Main, 383 pages, 16 EUR), the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe (CPCE) – Leuenberg Church Fellowship – has published a bilingual (German and English) book with texts by theologians from different parts of Europe. In its preface, Prof. Elisabeth Parmentier (Strasbourg), Prof. Michael Beintker (Munster) and Council President Rev. Thomas Wipf (Bern) described the reflections on Europe and the future course of Europe as a core task of the CPCE. “The question of what holds Europe together and to what goals it knows itself to be committed cannot be answered only with solemn declarations.” The Reformation churches in Europe “have recognized that they must intensify their collaboration in all areas.” The well-tried forms of liturgical, theological and spiritual communication which extend beyond the frontiers of churches and lands need to be “developed and reinforced in the medium term by a structure of work and organization appropriate to today’s demands,” so that the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe may remain recognizable as a prominent Protestant forum in and for Europe.

The book was edited by Kirchenrätin Dr Christine-Ruth Müller and Prof. Martin Friedrich – both CPCE theology secretaries in the Berlin-based Secretary – and Revd Dr Hans Jürgen Luibl, CPCE European Relations Officer (Erlangen). Its authors are: Michael Beintker, Pierre Bühler, Caterina Dupré, Sándor Fazakas, David Fergusson, Hans-Peter Grosshans, Viorel Ionita, Alar Laats, Ingun Montgomery, Burkhard Neumann, Elisabeth Parmentier, Rudolf von Thadden, Jurjen Wiersma, Heinrich de Wall, Thomas Wipf and Tadeusz Jacek Zielinski.

The book is dedicated to the CPCE General Secretary, President Dr Wilhelm Hüffmeier, leaving his post at the end of the year after 19 year long service as the director of the Secretariat.

Martin Friedrich, Hans Jürgen Luibl, Christine-Ruth Müller (eds.)

383 pages, 16 Euro

ISBN 10: 3-87476-490-7

ISBN 13: 978-3-87476-490-2

2006 Verlag Otto Lembeck, Frankfurt am Main

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