Sacraments, Ministry, Ordination

Leuenberg Documents 2

This book is a collection of papers on the sacraments, ministry and ordination which complement the Leuenberg paper on ecclesiology "The Church of Jesus Christ" in its theological and practical application. Both sacramental texts "On the Doctrine and Practice of Baptism" and "On the Doctrine and Practice of the Lord’s Supper", enfolding the common understanding of baptism and eucharist of the fellowship of over 100 Protestant churches in Europe, were worked out by the regional group South and Southeast Europe and were submitted to the Vienna Assembly 1994 for reception. The two series of theses published here document the Protestant convergence on the ministry and ordination (Neuendettelsau Theses) and the current discussion about ministry" (Tampere Theses) which had already been received by the churches at the Strasbourg Assembly 1987.

Wilhelm Hüffmeier (hg./ed.)

ISBN 3-87476-306-4

1995 Verlag Otto Lembeck, Frankfurt am Main

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