Report of the Secretary, 6th General Assembly, Budapest, 2006

Dr. Wilhelm Hüffmeier

Dear Sisters and Brothers, This is my last report to a General Assembly after nineteen years as Secretary of the CPCE. I therefore hope that you will allow me not only to report on the work of the Secretariat in Ber- lin between Belfast and Budapest but also to go further and give a kind of personal summing- up by the Secretary. The Presidium of the Executive Committee has given me permission to do this and the Secretariat has to act on their directive. However, I promise that I will be duly brief. It is almost ‘siesta time’ and I cannot rule out the possibility that some people will be sighing, secretly or openly, ‘Not another speech,
and in the early afternoon too!’

My summing up is in three parts: 1. My joy. 2. My sadness. 3. My hope.

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