Protestant in Europe - Social-ethical contributions

Protestant in Europe - Social-ethical contributions (Leuenberg Texts 15)

The Community of Protestant Churches in Europe has addressed increasingly a wide range of social-ethical questions over the last years. CPCE’s statements are covering questions of Human Rights, the discussion on peace and the present challenges of European policy. The Presidium and the Council of CPCE are taking advice by an Expert Group on Ethics, which is appointed by the Council of CPCE. Furthermore CPCE has received the study document »Stand up for justice« on the last General Assembly in Florence 2012. With this study the specific protestant ethical reasoning and its relevance for the churches and their statements on key socio-political problems is analysed. The volume Leuenberg Texts 15 encloses those texts.

Editors: Michael Bünker/Frank-Dieter Fischbach/Dieter Heidtmann

Evangelische Verlagsanstalt Leipzig, 2013

420 p., german/english end-to-end, EUR 19,50 + Porto if ordered via order form (see link)
ISBN 978-3-374-03307-2

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