Leuenberg, Meissen, and Porvoo

Consultation between the Churches of the Leuenberg Church Fellowship and the Churches involved in the Meissen Agreement and the Porvoo Agreement

Leuenberg Documents 4

This book contains the Report of the Consultation between representatives of the Leuenberg Church Fellowship and of the churches involved in the Meissen and Porvoo Agreements, together with the introductory presentations, papers and brief statements given at the Consultation and aides mémoires of the discussions they provoked. The consultation was held from 6 to 10 September 1995 in the Protestant conference centre on the Liebfrauenberg (near Strasbourg), which had already frequently proved a fruitful venue for such ecumenical encounters. The invitations were issued by the Leuenberg Church Fellowship.

Hitherto, the Leuenberger Texte have always appeared bilingually, but that is not possible on this occasion, for reasons of space. The fruit of the Consultation – its Report – appears in German as well as in the original English. This Report, approved by the meeting, describes the process which led up to it and the themes which require further examination.

Because of the fundamental importance of the lecture by André Birmelé, which was given in German, we have printed this text too in both German and English. The other papers all appear in the language in which they were delivered at the Consultation – with one exception: The contribution about the Leuenberg Agreement, its origins and content, was given in German but is printed in English; this seems sensible, because while the Leuenberg Agreement is well known among Continental churches and theologians, it is less well known in Great Britain. The brief aides mémoires are intended to enable readers to enter a little into the discussions of the papers and statements during the Consultation.

Wilhelm Hüffmeier, Colin Podmore (hg./ed.)

ISBN 3-87476-316-1

1996 Verlag Otto Lembeck, Frankfurt am Main

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