Freedom ist binding

Final report, 6th General Assembly, Budapest, 2006

includes the statute of the CPCE

1. Introduction
1.1. General
1.2. Work in Budapest
2. Doctrinal conversations and studies
2.1. Completed doctrinal conversations and studies
2.2. Resolutions and proposals for future doctrinal conversations and projects
3. Ecumenical collaboration
3.1. Talks leading to the CPCE membership
3.2. Dialogue with the Baptists
3.3. Dialogue with the Anglicans
3.4. Dialogue with the Orthodox churches
3.5. Dialogue with the Roman Catholic Church
3.6. Evaluation of the dialogues
3.7. Collaboration with the Conference of European Churches (CEC)
4. Strengthening commitment and structures
4.1. Introduction
4.2. Forms of working
4.3. Structures of the Community
Appendix 1: Statute
Appendix 2: Elections: Council, Presidium, General Secretary

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