Perspectives for churches in Europe

The booklet presents the results of the work of the doctrinal conversation group on “The Protestant profile in the missionary task of the churches in Europe” which met between 2002 and 2004.

The doctrinal conversation group appointed by the Executive Committee of the Leuenberg Church Fellowship focussed its discussions on the topic of evangelising. It thought it important to clarify how “evangelising can take place in such a way that the form chosen for it corresponds to the content”. The result of the studies which is now published is particularly concerned to provide stimuli for practical action. As well as discussing the fundamental questions of why evangelising is a challenge for Protestant churches in Europe and what drives the churches to evangelise, the reflections therefore issue in concrete forms of evangelising in the different European contexts.

The CPCE General Assembly in Budapest in 2006 recommended to its 105 member churches that they should examine and strengthen their own action in evangelising and develop it further by taking note of the present text. Thus the study project is particularly intended for practical use in the CPCE member churches.

30 pages, 2,00 €

2007 Evangelischer Presseverband, Wien

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