12. Jul. 12
The General Assembly of the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe elects a new Council and determines working emphases
12. Jun. 12
14. May. 12
2. May. 12
11. Jan. 12
International Conference in Bad Boll, Germany, discusses the Christian understanding of Human Rights
7. Dec. 11
16. Aug. 11
30. Jun. 11
The General Secretary of the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe, Michael Bünker, welcomes the EU Strategy for the Danube Region approved by the Council of Europe but points to important deficits in the purely economic orientation.
23. Jun. 11
Ten years ago the CPCE study “Church and Israel” marked a milestone in Christian-Jewish relations. On this jubilee 40 specialists from Europe met in Arnoldshain and called for its renewed putting into practice.
16. May. 11
The Community of Protestant Churches in Europe, CPCE, publishes “A time to live and a time to die”, an aid to orientation on questions at the end of life, and the parallel internet page www.atimetolive.eu.


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