5. May. 11
The joint communiqué of the consultation between the British and Irish Anglican Churches and the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe CPCE taking place at Chateau Klingenthal, France, on 13-15 April 2011 states:
5. May. 11
“Baptism in the Life of the Church” in Lembeck-Verlag documents the dialogue on baptism between CPCE, the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe, and the orthodox churches in CEC, the Conference of European Churches, and encourages its mutual recognit
7. Mar. 11
The Revd Frank-Dieter Fischbach from the Rheinland is since the 1st March 2011 the Representative of the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe to the political institutions in Brussels.
9. Feb. 11
The Community of Protestant Churches in Europe discusses common positions on Assistance to the Dying.
4. Feb. 11
Leaders from the church, the economy and politics met in the Evangelical Academy Bad Boll on the eve of the EU Summit to discuss fundamental values of the European economic order.
26. Jan. 11
An international expert meeting on the accompaniment of dying and questions at the end of life in the Evangelical Academy in Tutzing from 7th to 9th February 2011 will prepare the publication of a CPCE aid to orientation on the theme.
20. Jan. 11
Leaders from the church and the economy are to debate on 3rd and 4th February in the Evangelical Academy, Bad Boll, on the utopia of a competitive social market economy. The results will feed into a position paper of the CPCE.


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