First meeting of the CPCE’s regional groups held in Vienna on 13 June 2018


The heads of the CPCE’s regional groups have met for the first time for discussions. The meeting, which was held in the CPCE’s head office in Vienna on 13 June 2018, was attended by representatives of the Conference of Rhine Churches, CEPPLE, the North-West Group and the South-East Europe Group. The Church of Denmark sent an observer, who voiced the questions and suggestions of the northern European churches.

Besides reporting on the different regional groups’ histories, structures and working methods, they discussed the challenges currently faced by the member churches and how these might be addressed constructively together and in the form of church communion advanced by the CPCE.

The participants also talked about the topics in mind for the forthcoming General Assembly in Basle and confirmed their common desire for members of the regional groups to take seats on the Council of the CPCE to ensure smooth reciprocal communications.

The question of forming an official North Europe Group at some point in the future still remains open. The churches in northern Europe, which mostly share the same confessional basis, certainly show a keen interest in working on the topics addressed by the CPCE.

All in all, everyone agreed that discussions should definitely continue between the heads of the regional groups, the Council and the head office staff in Vienna during the next period of office.


Photo: CPCE

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