40 years Leuenberg

The agreement between the Reformist Churches in Europe, known as the Leuenberg Agreement, will be 40 years old this year. It was formally signed on 16th March 1973 at the Swiss Conference Centre in Leuenberg (near Basle) following inter-church doctrinal discussions, heralding the end of the centuries-long schism that had existed between the Protestant churches. The Leuenberg Agreement forms the basis for the mutual recognition of ordination between the individual member churches, cementing their pulpit and altar fellowship as well as the common commitment to joint witness and service. Thus it forms the founding document of the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe, formerly known as the Leuenberg Church Fellowship.

This webpage will be used to present the various publications and activities undertaken by the CPCE's member churches to mark this 40th anniversary.

The Leuenberg Agreement

You can use the logo "40 years Leuenberg" for your events or publications. In order to receive the set, please refer to geke@leuenberg.eu.

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