CPCE focus 5 (1/09)

Benvenuto a Firenze: The churches of the CPCE are meeting in 2012 in Florence - Italy is Protestant -  Scambio e conforto

CPCE focus 1/09:

  • Benvenuto a Firenze!
    The churches of the CPCE are meeting in 2012 in Florence.
    By Thomas Flügge.
  • Italy is Protestant
    When the CPCE meets for the General Assembly in Florence, it will link up with a partly forgotten history of Protestantism in Italy.
    By Paul Henke.
  • Under the protection of Her Majesty
    The Church of Norway welcomed the CPCE Council in Oslo.
    By Beate Fagerli.
  • A think tank to pursue the ecumenical strategy
    The CPCE has established an expert group on ecumenical questions.
    By Martin Friedrich.
  • Israel/Ecumenical Understanding
    An interview with Michael Bünker.
    By Michael Bünker und Thomas Flügge.
  • Report on the conference of the CPCE North West Group
    By Marcus Wetter.
  • The church must bear witness to the One to whom it belongs
    75 years ago the Barmen Theological Declaration was issued. It is still of abiding importance today.
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  • Scambio e conforto.
    By Holger Milkau.
  • Ecumenism brings self-awareness
    The Council of the CPCE in Oslo.
    By Thomas Flügge.
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